Thursday, 28 April 2011

Forum Style


So yet again I'm forced to go back to one of the default styles, Why? I hear you ask.  Well it's pretty plain and simple.  The Template I'm using or was using didn't like comment's.  Found a helpful pile of info. But as I don't have the <blogger> x </blogger> tags I can't add that element in.  So back to the drawing board yet again :)

Though It just mean's I need to experiment till I get it fixed again.

Android 2.2

Okay so being an IT person tends to make you overly critical of Technology.  So I like my phone as I've already said, but because of the amount of extras that Orange adds to the ROM it does make it run like a snail.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

On the Painting Bench

Well Easter weekend has come and gone now and I had hoped to spend a good while painting.  But as the weather was so nice I didn't get the amount of time I was hoping for.  In fact I only just had enough time to finish the Renegade that I've undercoated and inked recently.

New Phone

Well I finally decided that I'd had enough of being well behind the time on what my phone could do.  Normally I don't really worry and even though I work in IT I'm not one for gadget's.  I just tend to get by with what I have.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Another reason for me to avoid Apple kit

I don't have a huge love of thing's made by Apple.  In many cases it's down to the way they force you to do thing's in a certain way.  Or the fact they act very smugly when Microsoft gets hit by any Anti Trust system.  it's not like they aren't doing the same thing as well in many cases, it's just they have a smaller market share.  They are very good at repackaging some else's technology and saying look at us.

Long Day Today

Day's before a Bank Holiday or going on holiday full stop seem to take forever.

Today though I'm on the exam cram for my VMWare coure info can be found here.

First time on a Virtual course so no idea how it's all going to go.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blog Layout

I swapped to the layout that was on the blog a while back but couldn't get the Read More element to work which was driving me nut's.

In the end I managed to resolve it and here's how.

On the Painting Bench

Well after a whole day of VMware I really wanted to just kick back and relax a little.  I can certainly say that if I follow a style for too long I get tired very quickly.  So after a hectic few days sitting down and just doing some painting was nice.


Well it's good to see that the NFL is keeping this going.  I went last year and saw my own team the Denver Broncoes get beat silly.  But despite all that I wouldn't have missed it as when I visit the U.S. it's summer time and the NFL season is over.

Bears and Buccs to play London

Monday, 18 April 2011

Busy Few Days

Well it's been a manic past few days and its not left me anytime at all to do anything.  Friday was my eldest son's 9th birthday and we had a very enjoyable day at the Bristol Aquarium.  Some great 3D IMAX films as well.  Though I have to say that the shark one was good, but could of been 20 minutes shorter if they hadn't of spent ages just showing pictures of certain type's of Shark just swimming around to rubbish music.  The show on Sea-Rex a voyage into the prehestoric world of Dinosaurs of the sea was a lot better and I didn't yawn once.

The rest of the weekend went with a blur as well.  My wife Luce had her birthday on Sunday and we had a very nice lunch and then popped into Bath for some shopping.

Now all thats over and done with though I plan to spend a few hours this evening doing some painting.  Or that is my current plan :/

Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Spare Car will be Pink in colour

Okay I know its a very odd thing to say but as the father of 3 boys at some point they are going to want to borrow the car after they have passed the Driving Test.

So after reading this maybe the safest bet is to buy a second car and make sure it's Pink in colour.

Followers Gadget

Well it seems that my follower's Gadget doesn't want to work. It also looks like I'm far from being the only person with this issue as anyone can read here.

Very odd like many others I can see who is following me in my dashboard, but the external element is blank.  It's moments like this that I'm reminded why I hate working in IT.

Edit: 13:41 Okay it seem's to have decided to work again.  Don't ask me how I fixed it or I maybe forced to use some techie babble to cover it all :)

On a normal note I'm still working on my VMware stuff.  Have been looking at the update from V4 to V4.1 its a nice 100 page read.  Need to make sure I read early morning in case it sends me too sleep.

Wow Uber Blog Day

Well what can I say folks, but thanks had the best page hit day yesterday I've had so far so I guess my somewhat odd rambling must be working for some people.

But keep on looking and really feel free to comment as well as it's always nice to get the feedback and improve the stuff I post about.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Written work

Well I thought as I can add page elements to this blog that I would add some of my written work be it Poetry or Stories.  A lot of the Poems are now very old and I haven't had the inclination in a while to write anything new.

Stories in many ways are either old or things I'm working on in my head.  Sometimes it's better to get them in the open and give them a chance to grow and expand.  I doubt a single page in this instance will work and I think I'll have to have 1 page per story.

Please bare with the format as it looks like I'm going to have to play with the raw HTML code to get the breaks in the right places.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

On the Painting Bench

So as I was saying earlier in the week I've been paiting some stuff for Mongoose Publishing Noble Armada range.

I have the Hazat fleet pack that I'll be properly reviewing in a future issue of The Ancible.

Alien Encounters really?

I like to really keep up on the odd side of the news and I do tend to find that some articles make me laugh out loud.  So when I saw these two articles yesterday I was really in my element.

FBI documents indicate UFO landings

Top secret FBI files reveal 'alien encounters'

Monday, 11 April 2011

This is Why

I've always thought that at times I have too much going on in my brain.  I can overly complicate things and I can spend a lot of time pondering on what people say about certain subjects.

When I was in the Air Force, I used to read a magazine called Mountain Biking UK.  In fact every now and then I still pick it up to see what,s about bike-wise.  But I always read the comic strip element first.  Much like kids reading a news paper, I found it was an amazing read.

Back to Work

So back to work today after a week on my VMware course which I mentioned here.  Managed to catch up pretty quick as not much is left for a single user to do, that is apart for changes on the company database.

VM wise I haven't let all the knowledge just slip and have started already looking at information I learnt last week.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

On the Painting Bench

Unlike loads of people I don't have a permanent paint area.  I have to get everything out do some painting and pack it away again.  Can be a real pain at times.

I've already mentioned that I do work for a Sci-Fi/Fantasy magazine called The Ancible and if you're a wargamer you should look the magazine up and download it all for free.

Must be the Drugs

Okay so I like Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  That means like many I can allow my understanding of life to be bent and twisted at times.  I can believe in wonderful things but I know they are not really real.

Dave Mustane Lead singer of the Heavy Metal band Megadeath though has some real issues though as he reported recently here.  See he can't play a certain song because its got instructions in it to make powerful hexes.

Friday, 8 April 2011

She did what??

Okay I picked this up on the News yesterday.

Scavenging OAP Crashes Georgia's Internet.

On the Box

I can't say that I really watch a lot of TV.  It might be on in the house but it's pretty doubtful that I'm ever really watching it.  I like some sports though they don't qualify in the UK as main stream, no doubt I'll have plenty of time to rant about them all later and bore you the reader to death.

So at the moment I'm watching Battlestar Galactica Series 3.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

This Week

So haven't been at work this week but haven't been sat at home enjoying the fact that the weather is getting better (Plus be nice all weekend.)

This week I'm spending my time on a VMware4 course at Global Knowledge. I'd say my knowledge before the course was okay.  I know what it is and how to get around it.  As the week has gone on I've had plenty of Light Bulb moments which I really hope will jump me along big style.

The Trainer Scott Vessy has been great, aiming the knowledge and information for me just right.  Technical when asked but most of the time taking it like we've not touched it all that much before.  I find it helps me as it fills in the grey bits you don't know and just assume.  But I also know when stuck I can step up the techie level a bit and let loose my inner geek.

On the Shelf

Thought I'd use the Blog to link to the books I'm reading.  I travel to and from work by train so I get a lot of reading done.  I can easily do a book every 2-3 days if it's good.

Currently reading Ring World by Larry Niven.

Welcome to my Brain

So first post and really what am I supposed to post about??

Well I thought the blog would be a place to store what rubbish my mind wants to throw out.  I write a lot of bits for stories but they never tend to go anywhere special.  So here could be a nice idea, feel free to comment as well.

I work in IT so I might decide to share good and bad moments and how I resolved them, with or without the aid of Google.

I wargame so I'm going to share info on that as well.  For those who know me as a wargamer you can find me in many places in AE I'm Lupine, I play on the Ceti Server and run a small guild called Smurfs.  General wargaming I can be found on the UKCORD forum as Lupus and I also have the fun of being able to able to write for an online magazine called The Ancible.

So it can mean I'm busy at times but I still have more than enough time for my family.