Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Alien Encounters really?

I like to really keep up on the odd side of the news and I do tend to find that some articles make me laugh out loud.  So when I saw these two articles yesterday I was really in my element.

FBI documents indicate UFO landings

Top secret FBI files reveal 'alien encounters'

This has to be a field day for all the conspiracy theory folk in the world.  They are either going to be saying "See told you it was a Government cover up." or "See they know we know and this is trying to make us think Its not real."

Personally I don't think we are alone, too much space out there for chance to have happened only once.  But all this FBI files and cover up does make you laugh.  I do wonder if these sorts of things are created by Government to give people something to focus on that's away from what they should be looking at.  Like illegal toxic dumping or failing services or a hundred more things that could be a lot more important to our actual daily life.

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  1. On one hand I understand the cover-up as it was thought that mass panic might ensue. On the other hand, did they really think that John Q. Public wouldn't believe that in this vast universe, we are the only planet with life?

    I believe!