Thursday, 21 April 2011

Another reason for me to avoid Apple kit

I don't have a huge love of thing's made by Apple.  In many cases it's down to the way they force you to do thing's in a certain way.  Or the fact they act very smugly when Microsoft gets hit by any Anti Trust system.  it's not like they aren't doing the same thing as well in many cases, it's just they have a smaller market share.  They are very good at repackaging some else's technology and saying look at us.

Now after reading this article I trust them even less.  Why are they tracking people?  To what end is this information purpose.  For me it's one of those big brother moments without it being a government organisation.

Now other devices maybe doing the same and if I was to find that out I'd also be not inclined to buy them.  I am entitled to some privacy and have always hoped companies understand that.  Can't wait to see if Apple respond to this or stay silent.

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