Monday, 11 April 2011

Back to Work

So back to work today after a week on my VMware course which I mentioned here.  Managed to catch up pretty quick as not much is left for a single user to do, that is apart for changes on the company database.

VM wise I haven't let all the knowledge just slip and have started already looking at information I learnt last week.

I have already downloaded and installed vCLI which is an add on to Power Shell.  This will give me the ability to run scripts and commands against the VM's in our system.  Now before you go downloading Power CLI make sure you get the right version for the version of VM you're using.  For instance 4.1 vCLI works with Vsphere version 4.1, so that means V4 of VCLI works with, well you should get it, I hope ;).  I'll be using information from the Virtu-Al blog site having already downloaded the Power CLI quick reference sheet.  Prints nicely onto an A3 sheet though I could really do with a wall space to put it up on for easy reference.  A small thing that I lack at work so it's going to end up somewhere.  Also spent more than a while trying to find out what licences we have and comparing that to what we can do.

Future issues to sort is the fact we are running VMware V4.0 we should really upgrade to 4.1 as that's the latest version and it often pays to keep ahead.  So later today I'll be yet again scouring the VMware site for that information.

Exam wise I've already downloaded the Exam Blueprint which is a horrible looking document designed to help my study and to ensure that I research the areas I need to.  Which I have to admit looks like my entire course and then some more stuff for good measure.

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