Monday, 18 April 2011

Busy Few Days

Well it's been a manic past few days and its not left me anytime at all to do anything.  Friday was my eldest son's 9th birthday and we had a very enjoyable day at the Bristol Aquarium.  Some great 3D IMAX films as well.  Though I have to say that the shark one was good, but could of been 20 minutes shorter if they hadn't of spent ages just showing pictures of certain type's of Shark just swimming around to rubbish music.  The show on Sea-Rex a voyage into the prehestoric world of Dinosaurs of the sea was a lot better and I didn't yawn once.

The rest of the weekend went with a blur as well.  My wife Luce had her birthday on Sunday and we had a very nice lunch and then popped into Bath for some shopping.

Now all thats over and done with though I plan to spend a few hours this evening doing some painting.  Or that is my current plan :/

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