Thursday, 14 April 2011

Followers Gadget

Well it seems that my follower's Gadget doesn't want to work. It also looks like I'm far from being the only person with this issue as anyone can read here.

Very odd like many others I can see who is following me in my dashboard, but the external element is blank.  It's moments like this that I'm reminded why I hate working in IT.

Edit: 13:41 Okay it seem's to have decided to work again.  Don't ask me how I fixed it or I maybe forced to use some techie babble to cover it all :)

On a normal note I'm still working on my VMware stuff.  Have been looking at the update from V4 to V4.1 its a nice 100 page read.  Need to make sure I read early morning in case it sends me too sleep.

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