Sunday, 10 April 2011

Must be the Drugs

Okay so I like Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  That means like many I can allow my understanding of life to be bent and twisted at times.  I can believe in wonderful things but I know they are not really real.

Dave Mustane Lead singer of the Heavy Metal band Megadeath though has some real issues though as he reported recently here.  See he can't play a certain song because its got instructions in it to make powerful hexes.

So I had to go look up these powerful lyrics now after a read and then a reread I can't see anything here that I haven't seen in a dozen different Fantasy book's.

So my advice to poor old Dave is keep off the funny mushrooms as I don't think you can handle them.


  1. Must be the super strong powers of the ol' Cat's Eye that has him scared :-)

  2. Bless him, what I don't get is why someone hasn't come along and put him in a padded room for his own safety.

    Nothing sharp for the Mustane suite.