Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Well it's good to see that the NFL is keeping this going.  I went last year and saw my own team the Denver Broncoes get beat silly.  But despite all that I wouldn't have missed it as when I visit the U.S. it's summer time and the NFL season is over.

Bears and Buccs to play London

What I am a little sad about is the fact we are seeing the Buccaneers again.  Now before some mad Bucanneer fan decides to fire off a broadside or send me hate mail I have nothing against the team.  It would just be nice to see different teams come over so that we get to see different playing styles and those UK fans get a chance to possibly see there own fave team.  Hopefully funds willing I will be there this year enjoying the fun of the event and the amazing atmosphere.

Though all this is very much dependant on the team's and players reaching an amicable solution during mediation.  More on that can be found here.  Though if you search NFL.com or other sites you will find a lot more in-depth information.

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