Sunday, 10 April 2011

On the Painting Bench

Unlike loads of people I don't have a permanent paint area.  I have to get everything out do some painting and pack it away again.  Can be a real pain at times.

I've already mentioned that I do work for a Sci-Fi/Fantasy magazine called The Ancible and if you're a wargamer you should look the magazine up and download it all for free.

At the moment I'm working on some Hazat Ships from Mongoose Publishing  Noble Armada's range.  As minis go the sculpts are very nice, but be prepared that some of them might need a little work on them.  The Hazat don't have anything extra to glue on in the way of turrets and what not.  But the bases that the fighters and such sit on for me were a total mess.  I had to really file some bits down to make them look like the circles they are supposed to be.

Something I really do like it the nice removable flight bases which stops those horrible moments when it breaks at the top of the post and you spent ages drilling it all out yet again.

Haven't done more than cleaned them up and undercoated the main ships so no pictures yet.  Once they are at a good state I'll take some pictures for people to see.  But so far the sculpts are nice, some very clean elements on them, but also a few nasty bits that need sorting out.

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