Tuesday, 12 April 2011

On the Painting Bench

So as I was saying earlier in the week I've been paiting some stuff for Mongoose Publishing Noble Armada range.

I have the Hazat fleet pack that I'll be properly reviewing in a future issue of The Ancible.
Here's a picture of the miniatures to date.  All i've done so far is cleaned the up and undercoated them.

The hardest part about getting them done so far has been the flying stand's.  In all they have 4 parts, the base, stem, ball joint and mounting joint.  If you don't want the mounting and ball joint to move just take them off the sprue and clean them up.  If you want any movement at all you need to amke sure you give them a really good clean and I would also consider a drop of oil in the joint as well.  Just a tiny drop if you don't they are amazingly stiff.  This I discovered very quickly last night when I was trying to move the Trafalger Class Carrier.  I heard a small creak then a nasty snap and the joint crumbled.

This then mean't I had to drill the unwanted plastic out.  Not an easy task at all.

Here's a picture of each ship type next to each other.

From left to right Trafalger Carrier, Manticore Destroyer, Xerxes Galliot, Scorpion Frigate and Stalker Explorer.

I ended up having to drill the mounting holes out for the Scorpions as well as they were too small to fit the mounting bracket into.

Next up is some paint onto them beyond the base coat.  I plan to keep to the Red/Black theme that Mongoose have used.  Though I may change what is what colour.

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