Tuesday, 19 April 2011

On the Painting Bench

Well after a whole day of VMware I really wanted to just kick back and relax a little.  I can certainly say that if I follow a style for too long I get tired very quickly.  So after a hectic few days sitting down and just doing some painting was nice.

First things done last night were some of my Noble ships that I've already mentioned in previous Blogs.

Now I could well of kept with Mongoose's mainly red colour scheme with the odd accent of black but I wasn't overly keen on it to be honest.  I can certainly say that red isn't a colour i like to work with so if I can avoid large blocks of it I will.

So I decided that I would just have small areas of red on my ships and mainly have them black, hopefully giving a more sinister look to them.  It also makes them pretty quick to paint as well which really helps when I'm painting for The Ancible.

The two ships pictured here are Stalker Explorer's from the Hazat range.  I managed to get the Scorpion Frigates undercoat tidied up as well and should be able to paint them pretty quickly as well.  As you can see the ships aren't huge so it does mean you can do quite a lot in a short space of time.  That for someone who has limited painting time is a huge bonus.

If you're interested in Noble Armada but want to read a bit more then check out Issues 86-91 of Mongoose's Signs & Portents for more information.

As well as the Noble Armada stuff I also got some time in on my main painting project which is expanding my Warmachine Mercenaries.  I have a fair amount of stuff to paint to be honest and the more I paint the more I like the look of my force.  Unlike many Mercenary player's I've avoided the traditional Green and have gone for a muted grey tone instead.  I like the colour and it does mean if I use a bright colour it really shows out from the grey.

You can see some examples of my work so far here.  Currently I'm working on a Renegade Jack and last night I managed to get the base coat finished and two washes of black and one of brown.  Between the two they will give the Jack a nice worn look that is the theme I've been going with so far with my other Jack's. 

I can then start working on highlighting the miniature and then finally adding in the damage and rust.  I've bought some weathering powders from Forge World which I'm really excited about trying out.  It'll be my first attempt so I'm expecting a few tears before I get the hang of them.  I found a very simple tutorial here which was a great resource but I have read more than a few things about using them of late.

 And Finally I managed to get the banner pole sorted for my Mercenary Long Gunner's.  Was becoming a real pain to get the Cygnar emblem off the banner so decided a new one would be much better long term.  You can see my initial questions about how to do it on the UKCORD forum, which also has some links to useful tutorial's I found.

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