Tuesday, 26 April 2011

On the Painting Bench

Well Easter weekend has come and gone now and I had hoped to spend a good while painting.  But as the weather was so nice I didn't get the amount of time I was hoping for.  In fact I only just had enough time to finish the Renegade that I've undercoated and inked recently.

For this model I wanted it to look old, worn and pretty much on its last legs.  Magnus, who I'm painting it for is well known for using things till they fall apart, and I was hoping to convey this with the Renegade.  It's also one of his custom jacks so versions will be a tad used and abused.

It's also my first venture into using weathering powders.  I bought a nice set from Forge World and after the small use I've had so far I can see that for rust I need a few more.  The brown is nice, but my next stop is a harsh red, and I could do with an orange and a yellow to help spread the feel and look.

Reading and watching films online really did help me find out what I had to do.  I used a very small amount of white spirit to coat the area then ran the powders where needed.   At times I mixed the power to the spirit like a wash to get areas where I wanted the rust to look like it had dripped down the bodywork.  I didn't get a great look, but I did learn which tends to be part of the idea.

So here's the model after the weathering powder has been applied.

As you can see in a few places I sort of over did it a little.  Not to worry though, as all I did was take a good stiff flat brush and brush some of the powder off where I didn't want it.  It gave me more control and also lessened the effect in places that suddenly looked overly harsh.  Using a clean brush with a tiny bit of spirit I was also able to feather some of the edges so it looked like rust was creeping into new areas.

All I had to do then was put some metallics and base coat back in a few areas so that it appeared that working joints were rubbing off the worst of the rust that was trying to expand.  All in all I like the look.

I'm really impressed with the way I painted the slate as well, you can't see much difference in look from the bases with the real stuff on them.  So onto the Mangler next and that will just leave me a Talon to do and all my jacks will be completed.

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