Thursday, 7 April 2011

On the Shelf

Thought I'd use the Blog to link to the books I'm reading.  I travel to and from work by train so I get a lot of reading done.  I can easily do a book every 2-3 days if it's good.

Currently reading Ring World by Larry Niven.

Now it's not a new book and has been about for a long old while.  Though Larry Niven isn't an author I have ever decided to pick up and have a read.  Though my reading style is pretty much Fantasy/Sci-Fi/SteamPunk/VSF I've missed Larry's work.

Have to say its been good so far, some very nice ideas and twists in it that make you go ohhh.

There are a couple more in the series and I can easily see me wanting to carry on rather than in some cases I feel I have to as otherwise reading the first one was a waste.

Have a look at Amazon page for his book list.


  1. Most of his stories that take place in that milieu are good, though the characters tend to be a bit two dimensional.

    You might also like Iain Banks and Charles Stross that are more contemporary SF writers.

  2. I've read one or two Iain Bank's books in my time but thanks for the tip on Charles Stross will have to see what of his I can get my hands on.

    You're spot on about the character's though they lack a lot of attention to detail you find in many authors books, but as Ringworld has been about a few years we could say its from a far simpler time.