Thursday, 7 April 2011

Welcome to my Brain

So first post and really what am I supposed to post about??

Well I thought the blog would be a place to store what rubbish my mind wants to throw out.  I write a lot of bits for stories but they never tend to go anywhere special.  So here could be a nice idea, feel free to comment as well.

I work in IT so I might decide to share good and bad moments and how I resolved them, with or without the aid of Google.

I wargame so I'm going to share info on that as well.  For those who know me as a wargamer you can find me in many places in AE I'm Lupine, I play on the Ceti Server and run a small guild called Smurfs.  General wargaming I can be found on the UKCORD forum as Lupus and I also have the fun of being able to able to write for an online magazine called The Ancible.

So it can mean I'm busy at times but I still have more than enough time for my family.

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