Monday, 11 April 2011

This is Why

I've always thought that at times I have too much going on in my brain.  I can overly complicate things and I can spend a lot of time pondering on what people say about certain subjects.

When I was in the Air Force, I used to read a magazine called Mountain Biking UK.  In fact every now and then I still pick it up to see what,s about bike-wise.  But I always read the comic strip element first.  Much like kids reading a news paper, I found it was an amazing read.

The reason why it's so good is the fact that the strips creator Jo Burt did what no one I've ever read cartoon-wise has ever done.  The comic had more than just hidden meanings in it that if you were a Mountain Biker you got.  It had song lyrics, moments of prophetic ideology and so much more.  Also the bike rider was a Sheep called Mint Sauce you don't get many strips where the Hero is a sheep.  Reading the hidden elements in the story cells used to be an adventure in itself.  One of my favorites is when Jo did a large poster for the magazine.  It had the MBUK crew in one corner and the rest of the page was stark white.  Now to many that may seem odd but around the edge Jo has put enough information about making the picture be what we wanted the scene to be.  It started with something like imagine the perfect sky as blue as... and so on.  It let the viewer decide the colour of the sky, the look of the clouds and the hills, trees and everything else in the picture.  It allowed us to create the vivid colours and make it what we wanted it to be.

Looking around the net a while back I was pleased to see that someone had preserved Jo's work and was creating a repository of it all.  Whilst not complete it's still amazing the amount of stuff on here.

So if you feel like looking at life at a more relaxed pace have a look at the site.

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