Thursday, 7 April 2011

This Week

So haven't been at work this week but haven't been sat at home enjoying the fact that the weather is getting better (Plus be nice all weekend.)

This week I'm spending my time on a VMware4 course at Global Knowledge. I'd say my knowledge before the course was okay.  I know what it is and how to get around it.  As the week has gone on I've had plenty of Light Bulb moments which I really hope will jump me along big style.

The Trainer Scott Vessy has been great, aiming the knowledge and information for me just right.  Technical when asked but most of the time taking it like we've not touched it all that much before.  I find it helps me as it fills in the grey bits you don't know and just assume.  But I also know when stuck I can step up the techie level a bit and let loose my inner geek.

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