Friday, 27 May 2011

Adventures on Paradise Island

A few posts ago I mentioned that I'd been playing a game on my phone called Paradise Island.  I was at club last night and Kenny said "nope haven't been following your blog at all."  He then opens up his iPad and shows off his Paradise Island to date.

Nice to see a little influence in what I do :).  From the main picture you can see I've been slowly expanding my Island.  Found a few times that I'm really out of space, so I had to save up to expand.  Though you don't get much land each time.  My next land expansion will cost me $380000 or $70000 if I add more beach, so that's a bit of a save.

 Do you like my Dad dancing :)

I have slowly been replacing some of the first buildings with the newer ones as you get more money from them so it's really worth it in the end.  Awards wise, I've completed 23% of them thus far. Nothing special to be honest though I get a nice little reward when I've done 25% worth. That will be nice and none of them are really complicated either.  Business Center is a must when you can build it as that extra € every day helps you build certain structures a lot quicker.  That's about the only tip I have apart from don't get finger happy as you can demolish buildings by accident.  It's fine if they are cheap ones but a big expensive one is going to make you grumble for a while :)

You can also see in the pictures that while taking them, I ticked over from Level 10 to Level 11.  Still a looooooong way to go but I'm still having fun as well :)

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