Thursday, 26 May 2011

Massive Voodoo

I mentioned Massive Voodoo quite a while back when I did my 5 minutes online for The Ancible, and the site at the time was amazing.  Loads of information and a very active community which I thought was fantastic.  I hope lots of people went along and had a read.

Having a look this morning I was amazed at how far it had grown since I'd last been there.  The tutorials section which I marveled at before, is even more impressive.  It covers a lot of different areas from colour theory through to the skills needed for photography and sculpting.  Some of the articles are very simple over a few paragraphs and are also very basic, while others will really be the sort you need to read through a few times before you have a go at them.

The site is very busy as well. 306 new items have been added this year alone, so it shows that the Massive Voodoo team really ensures that they keep the blog up to date and moving along.

There are other sites out there doing the same thing, but for me it's the friendly and often simple descriptions that will make me go back time and time again.  Have a look yourself, you won't be disappointed.

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