Tuesday, 3 May 2011

On the Box

I don't get to the cinema as much as I would really like to, so that means I have to catch up on some films ages after they have been out, or I catch them online somewhere.  Now before someone gets all digital rights on me, don't say you've never done it yourself unless you're really sure.  Watched stuff on YouTube?  Did you make sure it was legal or that the person who was playing a sound track had paid the correct money to the right people, No, I think not!

So I watched SuckerPunch in two sittings travelling to and from work.  It's had its fair share of panning by the critics with a lot of people really going to town over it.

Now for me I can see good and bad things about the film and it's not what you're all going to be thinking either.  I like the extra world setting, it had some great elements in it, very weird war, VSF, Steampunk in its style.  It added some great flavour to the film and also gave you a lot of distraction from the rest of the film.  It was all shot very well with plenty of elements re-used from other films.  Ever since Matrix did a few new tricks I bet every Director is hoping they can borrow one or more in a film.  Action films, as SuckerPunch is give you lots of opportunity for it.  The often muted tones in the film was nice as well, it gave a dark and depressive feel which added to the atmosphere.

What I didn't enjoy was the lack of plot. Okay I can understand the idea behind it all but without something to keep it going it almost become some short bits of action thrown together.  Very comic book style in that way, which isn't always good for long term appreciation.

It did leave me with a few questions as well, like could they all see what was going on in the alternative elements or was this all a figment of one character's mind?

At least we shouldn't see a sequel to the film as I can't see how you could have another go at expanding the world or idea.

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