Tuesday, 3 May 2011

On the Painting Bench

Not sure if I can use the term On the Painting bench for this one.  The reason is that it has a huge life of it's own and fills a table now.  So its well over what I'd class as being a small project.

Myself and Si (HerrUther for those on the UKCORD forum or Parky on The Ancible one) have been building a board for a game we're calling Last Living Souls.  I won't explain how it works or the ideas behind it as we're still dabbling with a few things and as we want to make this a real product we don't want to give the game away.

Here you can see images of what we are doing.  Though we're now at the stage that all 6 boards are done.  We're capping the walls so we lose the gaps and adding the room furniture.  Now that can be servers, crates, office stuff, bunk beds and a whole host more stuff.

It's slowly coming together and anyone at Birmingham Games Expo on the 3rd - 5th of June (I'll be on holiday :() is more than welcome to come along and have a go at the game.  Anyone who was at the event last year will have already played a version of it, but the board is a 10000000000 times better and we have spent some time rejigging the rules.  So it's the same but different.  I'll take some more images this week so people can see what's been done so far.

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