Monday, 16 May 2011

On the Painting Bench

In my last blog about painting I said I would take some more pictures of the board and post them up.  As you will see from those last posted we have made a huge leap forward and with more work on it tonight no doubt we'll jump forward again.

You can see here images of what will be some of the server banks that keep the facility up and running.

Some racking to hold medical supplies, food or whatever else we decide to put on it.

Another server area.

Cryo/Bio Tanks

Some general views of the board.

As I've said we are a long way from being done.  The slow process of filling the board with elements to make it fun to play on is still going on.  We have loads of computer screens, weapon racks and varous other bits that will make it look nice.

Once the caps are on the walls of each board we can start painting bits.  Though I still have some lockers to make, more beds and no doubt more of other things.


  1. Wow it's really coming along and looks awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product, thought it would be nice to actually see a game played or learn how to play myself :D

  2. Thats one large layout, nice one.

  3. On the painting bench??? It is the painting bench atm :P

  4. That is very true mate :D