Thursday, 19 May 2011

On the Painting Bench

I've been seeing the pictures of the little board were building are causing some interest.  Will be nice to see it when Its all said and done.  I know afterwards things will get updated and re-painted for future shows as we try to make it better and better.

So loads of images of where we are.  The wall caps and out of play areas have all been painted black so that it now looks a whole lot better.  The slide up doors have been painted black as well.  Also some of the weathering has been started which you should be able to see in some of the shots.  The Lab clean area will have some minor weathering but we wanted it to look stark to start with.


  1. seriously impressive stuff!

  2. Glad your enjoying the build. Will all look nice when it's done. Though I have a feeling it'll never be done :D

  3. :O

    It has to be done it's needed for Brum 4/5 Jun 11. But you are right it will never be done to the standard I want!


    It looks the business at a distance :P

  4. Nothing wrong with that mate and I reackon we'll change bits and redo ideas as well. Got to ahve the flagship looking the best it can be.