Tuesday, 31 May 2011

On the Painting Bench

So last week we managed to do some more work on the LLS board.  It has to be up and running for this Saturday for Games Expo so if you are at the show come along and have a go.

The photos might not show everything, but it will give you a good sense of the board.  If you have been watching the board grow from the first posts, you will certainly see how its changed and advanced.  If we had a bit more time we'd change a few things and add more.  But we plan to keep working on it after Games Expo and adding more to it like door pads, lights and a whole host of other things.

 Store Room
 Part of the Lab Complex
 More Lab elements including a regrow chamber
 Main frame and Plant room.
 Barracks area.

What no Zombie horde?

We did manage a couple of games on the board as well to see if the final rules worked and if the timing was enough for people to get it done.  It's not an easy game so you have to just get on with it. No chit chat or wasting time as thinking could mean the Zed gets you and if it does you only have yourself to blame.

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