Tuesday, 10 May 2011

On the Shelf

I read loads and since my last post I think I've read 4-5 books maybe more.

But I shall share a couple of them for now.

Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven

As previously mentioned in one of my first blog entries this is the second in the Ringworld series.  Much like the first novel the character's are a bit one dimensional and it does have an effect on the quality of the book.  The story follows Louis Wu and Speaker (Cheemee) as they are once again kidnapped by a Pearson Puppeteer and taken back to the Ringworld.

The books plot at times seems a little dated and we can all be used to a little more action in our Sci-Fi, but that said it is still very well written so it shouldn't be ignored.  The fact that I plan on reading the third novel The Ringworld Throne shows that I have to be enjoying it.

The second book is House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds.

When you compare the story to Ringworld, House of Suns is in a whole different league.  The character's have a lot more going in and you can at times feel a real connection with the main two Purslane and Campion.  two Gentian shatterlings just trying to get through life in our very distant future.  Unlike us shatterlings spend the time it takes to move between stars in a form of stasis so they live for millions of years but half of it they are asleep.  Now that would be nice wouldn't it?

One thing about the book is at times it can be very intense the science behind certain things can leave you wondering what it's all about.  Though that withstanding it's still worth pushing on through those bits and keeping going.

Its certainly a book that most hardcore Sci-Fi fans would enjoy but if its a genre you dabble in you might find your brain can't cope with it.

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