Friday, 20 May 2011

Paradise Island

I normally read on my way home.  Having 30 minutes on the Train gives you plenty of quiet time but sometimes I can't get a seat or even with my music on the carriage is too noisy so I play games on my phone.  Been enjoying Angry Birds but found a new little game called Paradise Island.

It's a free game as I never really feel a need to pay for something that small.  It's not that hard to get playing though I did find a nice simple guide here

I like games like this as the strategy is pretty simple and it reminds me of Simcity and Railroad Tycoon which are game styles I like.  It could maybe do with some natural disaster's maybe to keep you on your toes but for a small game its not half bad.  As you can see from the two images I'm doing okay nice little resort going, but I'm far from having a huge sprawling complex like Las Vegas.  But as well I'm not in any rush :)


  1. I like angry birds and play it while I'm stuck at my daughter's vball tournaments. I'm glad to say though, that I am not addicted to it like a lot of people I know. Will have to check this one out as well.

  2. Its okay you get to a point where you only need to check how stuff is going unless you want to micro manage it :)