Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Where did all that plaster go??

When myself and Si (HerrUther) started the LLS (Last Living Souls) board we discussed things we needed so we made masters and played around with them until we got what we wanted.  We then used some of the remelt molding compound that Kenny (Guru at The Ancible) had and got to work.

For the project I bought 5Kg of white powder, no not that sort of powder. I have 3 kids and I don't need anything in life to keep me awake...I like my sleep.  I'm talking about Hercalite Stone plaster powder.  I went with this type as it bonds so much better than normal plaster of paris.  It can still be a little brittle at times, so here are a few tips.

1. Double or even triple bag any that you buy.  It helps to make sure it's safe and well protected.  I also have a sealed box that the bagged plaster is kept in.  Better safe than all over the floor :)

2. Buy a cheap plasters bowl that's flexible as it makes the cleanup job a lot easier.

3. If you want a bit more robust nature to the finished item add a bit of PVA (That's white glue or Elmer's to some) with the water.  It helps to bind it all a little easier.

4. Bake the pieces after they have come out of the mold.  It removes the last vestiges of water.  You don't need long 10 minutes at 100 degrees is fine.  I tend to put stuff in when the oven is cooling down after use so that I'm not wasting money warming it up for a few small items.

5. Seal before you paint.  Plaster soaks up the first thing that's thrown at it and with paint it can soak up a lot.  I always seal my pieces with some varnish first.  It can be any type of varnish, as you are going to put paint on top.

Hopefully these few small tips will help people get the best out of anything then make and also ensure it lasts a little bit longer.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


  1. That small amount of 'White Stuff' only did that small amount of scenary :O

    Didn't you use superglue at one stage too????

  2. Question for you:

    Why do you never see baby Pigeons?

  3. Still have about 1Kg left for more stuff mate.

    I did dabble with using super glue and it can work but the off side is that it can destroy the mould pretty quick. If we were using RTV it might not wreak it as quickly. Something to try later on. Also with super glue you have to clean the mess up quickly or its hard to chip it off. I've been reading about a few other hardener's as well.

    I know in time Resin will be better.

    As for the baby Pidgeons Question its here;

  4. 3 friends buy a TV between them for £30 (£10 Each)

    When they get to the till there's a mistake and they get a £5 refund, thus the cost of the TV is now £25. The 3 friends each take £1 leaving £2...... where did the other £1 go?

  5. What other £1??

    If you have 3 people taking £1 that is 3x1 = £3 (Simple Maths here for me :)

    You have £5 refund so taking the £3 would leave £2.

    Though they could all take £1.66 and leave even less if someone has the change :)

    The problem makes the confusion of thinking the refund would be divisable by 3.