Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I Ain't Dead Yet!!

Okay I guess it's an odd title, so let me explain.  The blog has been a little quiet over the past 1-2 weeks, but it's not that it was a quick fad and I got bored with it.  Far from it...I've simply been on holiday for 2 weeks so had some down time.  Though I did leave people with a few things to read while I was away.

Over the next few days I'll update the site with some of the films I watched, and also the books I have been reading.  I also managed to sit down and do some painting for Noble Armada last night,  so I'll get some piccies up on the Blog as well.

1 comment :

  1. You should send someone your obit to post up the day (far in the future of course)when you become a blogger in the stratosphere :)