Friday, 3 June 2011

On the Painting Bench

We had a few cracking runs at LLS last night.  All were very close indeed and we're pretty happy with how it's all running and how it all fits.

I can safely say that getting the big HMG is fun.  You should come along on Saturday to Games Expo and play (but if you don't I really want to know why??)  If you get the HMG you have to use it, don't think about all the noise and the fact it'll attract more deaders, just shoot with wild abandon and mow them down.  A real man would :)

Just don't open the door, no matter what is in there it's not worth it.  Unless you have the HMG :)

Saturday should be great fun and I'm sure people will be able to find the table. Just listen for the groans of deaders and plenty of gun fire.  Trust me, you'll find us :D

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