Wednesday, 8 June 2011

On the Painting Bench

Well after having a bit of a break from LLS stuff for a few days, as I need to get moving again with my Warmachine stuff.

So far I have 4 Warjacks done and I'm about 40% the way through on a Mangler. Once he's done, I have a pile of troops and solos to get done as well.  My two units of Steelheads has finally turned up after waiting for them for a few months.  I hate waiting and I hate being the person doing the chasing as well.  I hate chasing and being ignored until you have to phone people in a mad rage.  Customer service doesn't take up to much time and it keeps customers as well.  It's a small thing people need to remember.

Anyhow, after painting my  Renegade I noticed that I really need to weather the others a bit more.  I don't want them all to look as rusty as the Renegade.  I'm sort of aiming for the used but not that worried about it look.  I plan on a little bit of weathering to just give that effect in and around joints and other working areas.  It will enhance the washes I've already used.

 Talon, Custom Mercenary Warjack for Magnus



I know for most that green is the colour of choice for mercenaries, but I like the look that a blue/grey gave the Vanguard when I painted it, so I just kept that scheme for the rest.  I also went for a cold theme with the slate and snow look, and for me it's one of the rare times where everything has come together.

My main caster at the moment is Magnus.  I just love the fact that he punches people down then beats them silly.  At club people know what order most of my attacks will come in now :)  I much prefer the Epic version of the model over the Prime one.  The whole dynamic of the model is so much better for me, also Magnus has that "come on then" type of look on his face.

Last one done is Orin Midwinter.  I don't like Red as a colour and I always struggle when painting with it so I took my time to make sure it looked better than normal.  I wanted him to look a bit worn considering he's being hunted by Cygnar.  I hope the look came off.

I'm still a long way off from it all being done...4 units of Infantry to do, 5 solos and a new Nomad Jack as well.  So I better get on with it I guess.

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