Monday, 25 July 2011

There is Life

Okay I know I've been neglecting my blog and I really need to get a grip and get on with posting stuff.

But I haven't been lazy, past month I've been reading more from Glen Cooks Black Company and also started re-reading the Harry Potter books. I guess those for the fact I want to remember all the little bits the films don't include.

Painting wise, I've been doing stuff for Bushido and I picked up the Savage Wave starter set.  I would usually go for the normal looking army, but for some reason the Bakemono just made me laugh, and I thought something different would be in order for a change.  All I've done so far is get some undercoat on them, but I'll get some images up anyway.  I'm also building a small demo table for the game and it only needs to be 2ft x 2ft so it makes life a little easier. The main elements are done and I just need to get some good flock and do that.