Monday, 15 October 2012

Madness I say!

Sometime there are projects that people take on that you can look at and just think they are either amazingly inspired or just mad.  Sometimes the line between the two is very close as well.

I've followed Andrew Law for some time on G+ and when he started going on about doing the Empire (Warhammer here not the Star Wars one.) using tile from Mighty Empires. At the time I thought it was a bold plan and he was totally mad.  It's not a small project and the chap needs a lot of tiles to do it all.  But so far the public community support has been huge. Sets have been turning up and this has allowed Andrew to get his idea well under way.

The other amazing thing is that because a lot of what he needs isn't on the tiles he has he's sculpting a huge chunk of them to suit the need as well.  Even more of a sign that he could indeed be mad.

So why not have a look at his blog and if you can help even with a single tile Andrew will be more than happy.

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