Tuesday, 9 October 2012

On the Shelf

Over the past few months I have read a lot of books both at home and work when I have the time to spare.  I've always been a prolific reader so it's as much fun for me to read as it is for some to watch TV.

Here is a list of the few I've read...well that I can remember:

First Three of the Drizzt Dark Elf Saga (Homeland, Exile, Sojourn)
First three of the 40k Ciphas Caine books
The 40k Shira Calpurnia books
Rogue Squadron Books 1-3
Dune (Again, love this book and would hate to think how many times I've read it so far.)
Tales of Mos Eisley
Tales of the Bounty Hunters
Anno Dracula
Steam Legion (By Evan Currie, you can find him on G+)
The Hollow Earth

I'm sure I could add another 4-6 books to that as well.

I'm currently reading the second Anno Dracula Book, by Kim Newman, called the Bloody Red Baron. It follows Dracula's adventures for want of a better term, into the First World War.

The Bloody red Baron

I can thank Andy Walker for this as well (Lair of the Breviks) for lending me the first book and getting me into the series.  I can also thank Andy for the odd nudge into getting back to painting as well.

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