Tuesday, 15 October 2013

On the Painting Bench

As part of the the Song of Heroes and Blades campaign, I needed to get some generic minis painted that could be used as bad guys.  Looking about, Mike and I decided that an order to Ralpatha was a sound idea.

The models are from the Blighthaven range, which are smaller packs of selected miniatures in the Demonworld Range.  £5 for 12 models is very nice, but I have no idea where the Bone Giant thing comes from :/

Painting wise, I kept it easy as the models are based on 1p.  Under coated black, then dry brushed brown, and then a final coat of white.  I made the weapons and armour to where you could see they were rusty. It was a simple mix of Vallejo Black Red and then a little bit of German Orange to finish it off.




After a nice day sat painting they were all done.  As a group they look very nice, and I can get a decent amount on the board even at 150pts. Over time I will expand them into a nice looking command unit by adding in some mounted troops.

If your interested, below are the stats on the force to help you along.

Skeleton Warrior - Leader
Points 50
Quality 4+
Combat 4
Special Rules
Leader, Slow, Undead

Skeleton Warrior
Points 20
Quality 4+
Combat 3
Special Rules
Slow, Undead

Skeleton Warrior - Bowmen
Points 17
Quality 5+
Combat 3
Special Rules
Shooter: Medium, Slow, Undead

Skeleton Giant
Points 62
Quality 4+
Combat 5
Special Rules
Big, Slow, Terror, Undead

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