Sunday, 13 October 2013

On the Painting Bench

For most of my gaming life, I've played what is termed as Heroic 128/32mm wargames.  I've played games where the scale is smaller, but it has been ships or tanks of some sort, rarely troops.  This means that playing at 15mm for the SoBH campaign, I needed more terrain.

Because Trudvang has some huge ancient forests, we decided very early on that 28mm trees didn't look out of place at all.  Other things we might not get away with, so we would need bits and pieces to cover the battle field.

Over the past month or so I've been expanding the available terrain, being a simple wall or small scene.




There is still a lot more I need to do. We have plenty of walls and some hedges though I'm not overly happy with them.  I have two ruined towers I bought from Antenoceti years ago and based on CD's for 28mm Fantasy, so I've assembled them properly to use in the Campaign.


  1. Very nice work, great looking terrain!

  2. Thanks, more to come even if a lot of it is mundane filler stuff :)