Monday, 14 October 2013

On the Painting Bench

If you're going to play at 15mm, you may as well play on some decent tables.  These are a couple of the ones we're using.  The two very fancy ones are done by Mike, and involve a large amount of Hirst arts blocks and some railway train moulds to do the rocky elements.

The two flat boards on the otherhand are done by Jed at Antenoceti Workshop.  I was very lucky to win them as part of a tournament prize back in 2006.  In 7 years of good use including using them as demo board for Confrontation, they are still in amazing condition and they still have all the flock.

The trees are by Woodland Scenics, which I bought from Jed at Antenoceti.  No huge messing about with these. After cleanup and assembly, I painted them brown (Testor pot from local DIY store), then a quick dry brush and then I glued the clump foliage on.  On the Woodland Scenics website they talk about using a sticky glue for holding the clump on, but I've always found it made a mess of the brush.  So I bought some cheap super glue from the £1 shop and used that instead.  Doing one branch at a time stopped it from going everywhere.








Nothing like a few action shots to show you how everything can look while playing.




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