Friday, 25 October 2013

On the Painting Bench

As I've mentioned as part of the campaign were doing things a little different and I've had a few people ask why?  Well in essence why not, but really it's down to the fact that facing the same person with the same army week after week gets a little stale.  So know that you have no idea what you encounter till its decided before the game really does add a bit of fun to it.

Every force or miniature that either myself or Mike have painted so far could be used by either of us as a force to attack the other player during his turn.  Its why with my Vikings I didn't just paint my force I painted extras.

So here's a few odd miniatures that have been painted so far with the stats for them.


I think this is an old Peter Pig miniature but to be honest its sat in my bits box for so long I'm not overly sure anymore.

Painting wise as you can see I kept him pretty simple.  He could be used as any sort of wizard and in time I'll do additional generic info for him.  But at the moment he's a Necromancer to use with the Undead force or with anything else.  Its why I like Song of Blades and Heroes.  So much flexibility.

Points 56
Quality 3+
Combat 1
Special Rules
Drain, Necromancer

Minor - Brotbeast

The book describes the adult Brotbeast as a creature thats angry and will pretty much eat anything.  I was a bit worried about having something really dangerous in the game, then though nah :D  But as I couldn't find a big model I decided to go for a small pup version.  Every Brotbeast has to start somewhere right?


The model is a Helldorado familiar but I think for size it's big enough to worry a warrior coming face to face with it.  I liked the slightly stupid look on its face as it sort of makes it look safe.  If only.

Minor - Brotbeast
Points 77
Quality 4+
Combat 4
Special Rules
Greedy, Savage, Tough, Terror


These treelings/saplings are another good set of models to use.  I kept the painting simple and then added clump foliage to the branches to make them more tree like.  They cam out better than I thought they would.


Points 54
Quality 4+
Combat 4
Special Rules
Big, Forester, Heavy Armour,Shooter: Long

My plan is to add larger versions of the saplings to be the real sentient trees in the Trudvang world.


Finally I have some savage human models that I thought would work well as Hill-man.  No idea who these are from, I think its the same company that made the Undead Giant I have.

Points 30
Quality 4+
Combat 3
Special Rules
Evil, Savage,Shooter: short

Well painting wise that's me done till I get some more.  I still have some the Elves to do but as I need to convert a lot of them to suit the theme it'll take a little bit of time.

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