Sunday, 13 October 2013

Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign - Week 1

Well when I say week one, it has taken us three weeks to play two games.  It's always amazing how transport issues and a few other things in life can really ruin a good gaming session.

I'm playing a Campaign of Song of Heroes and Blades (SoHB) by Ganesha Games with a friend of mine, Mike.  We're using the rules from the main book as well as those from other supplements.  The main Campaign rules are in Song of Deeds and Glory.  Now I know what you're thinking, a two-player campaign doesn't sound like fun and yes from the off it could appear to be a little stale, but we've added a very simple element to it to make it playable.

Normally week by week you end up playing different people in your campaign group, and if a force has a few bad weeks it can see them being driven under by the bigger forces.  Okay you get the Giant bonuses in most schemes or extra money but they don't often help.  So instead of this issue when it's my campaign turn, my enemy will be played by Mike, but he won't be using his force.  What we are doing is the other person places a force made up of any spare models he likes.  His points total is set at 5-25% above what mine is. It's a very liberating experience if you're the bad guy because you don't care about losses you just want to smash stuff.  If you're playing your campaign force though, you really do have to think if its safe to stay or if  running earlier might be a better idea.  No one wants to lose models they have built up.

It also means that points wise you end up being a bit self regulating as bringing a big force means you're going to be facing a decent sized force who doesn't care if it dies as next campaign turn it'll come back for more. We're also playing at 15mm which means big tables just got bigger and expanding a force is very cheap.  My initial purchase of about £20 got me 3 forces, with 40 odd models.  It would be hard pressed to do that at 28mm.

Our current list of generic enemies include troops from our own forces, Trolls, Goblins, Treelings, and Big Spiders.  The plan is to add more as we buy the odd thing here and there.

For the theme of this world, we're basing it on a Swedish RPG called Drakar och Demoner in a world called Trudvang.  It's home to Giant Spiders that make Shelob look small, Trolls, Dwarfs, Elves and all manner of lovely creatures.

If anyone wants to see any of the translation work I've done on Monster names let me know.

The Forces

When we looked at a campaign we decided that starting with the normal force of about 300pts was going to be a bit much.  It didn't reflect the fact that our guys were a small band maybe attached to another group, sent out to spy, raid, pillage or any other number of small scale roles.  So we halved the value and went for 150pts,  which is still a fun size game and very easy to expand.

Mike decided he'd go for Barbarians/Savages.  They live in the wild places and feel that you get stronger by eating parts of the enemy you have defeated.  Lovely bunch really, just don't have them round for tea.

Myself, I couldn't resist and I decided to go for a Viking themed force based in and around Trudvangs Mittland area...somewhere in the Dranvelte area on the coast, so I can buy a ship :)

I'm using some miniatures by Peter Pig for my force and plan to expand them as needed, though I already have more than I need.  But as any good gamer will tell you, you always need more.

Week 1 Games

We've been playing SoBH a while now, so it means that we can get going pretty quick.  But when you're playing half the normal game it can be fun.

Mike's first game was a nice Breakthrough across the battlefield and get as many off as possible.  I decided for a nice swarm Undead army, though with hindsight I should of picked troops with better quality.  Most of them didn't move for a good chunk of the game so Mike easily got enough troops off to win the game.

The Aftermath wasn't so good for Mike, he only picked up 10 gold and then lost 5 gold on an injury roll when an injured guy got mugged.  The Exploration did him some good and he picked up an Alehouse, maybe the ideal place for his force to camp out :-)

My first game was Take the Land, so I had to grab 3 points and hold them while Mike did the same.  He decided to bring some Trolls and a Medium Spider (it's still twice the size of a 15mm Mini).  I lost a mine quickly and then the brother of my Leader dispatched the Spider and his Imp allies in 1 round of combat.  I was thinking 3 men against 2 trolls holding the last objective on a bridge was easy.  It didn't go well and I lost both the guys and killed one Troll.  I really should have run, but I held the point I had and let the troll come to me.  Thankfully because we had snow, it's harder to get up and the Trolls had poor Quality so when I managed to knock the last one down my standard guy Leif managed to kill the Troll.  Sadly it was still a draw due to what had been held by us.

Injuries were light for me as they were for Mike. In my next game Floki's Quality will be 5 instead of 4.  The rest got away unscathed.  My exploration was rubbish as I didn't have much to roll.  I found a Trap and thankfully Leif got away okay with some extra gold.  So 2 from the trap and then 35 from my winnings so to speak.

I think another standard trooper is needed.

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