Monday, 21 October 2013

Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign - Week 2

Well week 2 of the campaign is finally upon us, and we had more than enough time to get in a game each.

Rolling for weather at the start of the turn, we both ended up with Thunderstorm, which in the end was rather funny.  Ranged Combat is at -2 due to the wind and rain, plus just to make it all a little funnier anytime you roll a 1 on a Quality check the model falls down.  You can see what's going to happen already, can't you?

Mike's scenario was nice and simple, on dangerous ground.  With this scenario you have to watch out as the terrain can be as dangerous as the person your playing.  I decided to field a small force of Dark Elves (Trudvang Dark Elves are a bit like Barbarians, here's some info on them), with one of the treelings for support.

I fear my force may have been drinking as they spent far too much time falling over than they did fighting.  It made it easy for Mike to dispatch them while they were down and win the scenario however, not without some losses himself.

In the end phase Mike's spasm warrior Veneir Hahrahrikssen (try that after a beer or two) ended up with an expensive injury.  The cost to heal him was 30 gold.  Mike had picked up a massive 10 from winning the game, 5 more from his ale house and had 5 spare from the last turn.  Fortunately for Mike the rules say if you don't have enough you pay what you have. Mike's scenario took his force through a spooky forest which gained them nothing at all.

For my own Scenario I had Assassination so my job was to kill Mikes Elven Commander, though he was using a small Light Elf force with a Skratta.  I was hoping that since I had 5 minis that life would be a little easier. Sure the opponent had more points but hey what could go wrong?

To be honest if anything could have of gone wrong it did.  I struggled to move up the field as I kept falling over.  Mike then just finished off most of my force as they were scrabbling in the mud.  You get +2 to attack a downed model and that was crippling me.  It didn't help that all I could roll was 1's for combat.  I was down to my Leader Ragnar, and I had a moment where I should of run. The scenario was lost for me as I had 4 men gone and Mike had none, but I wanted to go down fighting and so I did.  Silly really.

In the end phase I had to roll for injuries on my entire force. Leif and Kauko ended up injured and would miss the next game.  Floki continued his man-flu with his small injury which means another game at Quality 5, Rollo got off okay and Ragnar ended up with the same injury as Mikes character.  But my cost was 60 gold. It wiped out any gold I'd saved plus what I'd picked up.  So I was wet, poor and beaten.

Rolling for exploration I ended up with Deadly trap,. This allowed Mike to permanently kill one of my non personality models.  He picked my new guy Kauko :(

If Ragnar had run when he had the chance I'd have had 2 dice to roll and I wouldn't have ended up losing a model. Oh well, as they say.  Lets hope that week 3 is a lot safer.

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