Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign - Week 3

This week campaign wise I had two simple wishes, either to win the game or to not lose a model.  I'm not asking for much really :)

Thankfully the weather this week was fine, no rain and it did mean that it was only my own bad rolling that could ruin any plans I had.  That didn't feel me with confidence either.

My scenario again this week was Assassination.  Scenery wise we were in the Swamps so it was an area I was getting used to playing in since its where I was last week.  Though having had some time I'd made up some better swamp terrain.

One of the pieces as you can see still need's finishing off and the one that is done got a second coat of water effects last night so that it looks a little thicker.  I had planed on using clump foliage on the Tree's but I think I will be using cotton wool on them soon so that they become swamp tree's instead.

Mike sorted out the enemy forces and he went for 2 Trolls and 2 Red caps.  I didn't have Leif in my band as he was injured and Floki was on Quality 5.  Really it was a quick call to Odin and head down grim determination moment.

The Red Caps thankfully weren't much of a struggle and went out very quickly, the issue was that I was left taking on 2 Trolls one of which was the target I needed to kill.  Trolls being big mean that you need to either gang up on them for the extra bonus or big hit them to negate that.  The Trolls also had tough so each time they die instead of being removed they're Quality just goes up one.  Once it hits 7 they are gone for good. Thankfully we've only given them Quality 5.

I think it took about 20 turns to finally remove both the Trolls, during that time Floki also got put down and because the Trolls have greedy he was going to end up a snack (This fitted well later on).

My first win and it was hard fought, rolling for injuries Floki died :(, Looks like having a Troll snacking on you isn't good.  In the money phase I gained 50 gold, 26 of which would be spent replacing Kauto who died last game.  Floki would be replaced automatically as it his loss brought me below the starting points value of my force.  I even had a decent explore session and found a Charmstone.

Another original member died and I recruited Erik (Yes Erik the Viking) and Olafur.

Erik and Olafur
Points 26
Quality 4+
Combat 3
Special Rules
Shooter: Short

Mike's game this week looked like he'd have a challenge, the scenario was Breakthrough and the terrain was wooded.  That would cramp his style a little.

To make it easier for myself I went for a mixed force of Dark Elves (Remember these are more like Wood Elves that what GW classes as dark Elves) and a sapling to back them up.  They all have Forester which mean't moving about under tree's would be no issue at all for me.

The Army Trait for Mike Warband is reckless, its a nice skill the turn they decalre it there Combat is halved but their Quality is decreased by one.  In a game that required him to get from one side of the board to the other as fast as he could it would be a great help.

Splitting his force Mike sent his Berzerker Vaneir one side and the rest of his force in another direction.  Its a sane move because when Vanier goes into his Warp Spasm (Bit like Slaine from 2000AD) he tends to hit anyone.

To deal with this I left one Elf and the Sapling to sort him out and after a couple of turns of us bouncing off each other he was knocked down by the Sapling then finished off by the Elf.  Being knocked down with enemy around you is the end, most of the time.

On the other side I had 3 elves to face off against 3 of Mike's force.  Mine went down pretty quickly even considering some more advantages moments on my side.  Mike very cleverly used Reckless a few times to disengage from combat and get models off the board.  Even if we had a race down to the corner.

In the end phase Mike yet again got the Serous Injury for Vaneir, thankfully for him this time it only cost him 20g out of the 65g he'd collected.  No other injuries to worry about either.

Mike exploration was Murder of Crows which he passed so it went without an incident.

I'm glad to have won a game, but it would also be nice to not lose a model and get them improved a little.

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