Thursday, 31 July 2014

Busy, Busy

Normally when I come back to the Blog to post stuff its because I'm about to start a new project or I think I really should be posting stuff up.

This time though gaming wise I've been very busy.  Late last year I joined a new local club in Bath, Pigmar its between where I work in Bristol and where I live in Chippenham (Or Nam as we call it).

The club as a whole is split between 40k/Warhammer and Warmachine, with the other odd game thrown in.  I tried to get Infinity going at the club but it never really went anywhere as people played what they played.  Then one night we had a demo evening where people were forced to play something different.  I can certainly say that it kicked the game off big style.  it also meant we gained people in the local area who were looking for other players like +Lee Russ , Darren, Peter and my 15mm sparring partner Mike.

So Infinity is born at the club and I shall be throwing up some work on buildings I've been doing for the club and also the miniatures I've finally got around to painting.

Also check out Lee's Blog.

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