Monday, 12 January 2015

SoBH Dungeon Project

One of the great things about playing Songs of Blades and Heroes at 15mm is any terrain project tends to need less time to do.

Sat compiling some of the info for SoBH I was reading through song of Gold and Darkness.

For 28mm I have loads of underground elements be it Rackhams Hybrid/Nemesis, Claustrophobia, World works Sewers.  Although these elements would work at 15mm it'll look slightly too big, unlike the Trees which I can get away with it's just not going to work.

So with that in mind I decided I needed a dungeon.  Now I'd love to go and buy one say Dwarven Forge, but after buying terrain for Infinity I don't have the funds.

So I decided to sit and watch a few bits by DM Scotty at The DM Craft his stuff looks good, is very easy to make and he likes to keep the costs down.  Even if he must have shares in Glue Gun going on the amount he uses.

So to try a sample piece I took some foamcore and pealed the paper layer off the top.  This lets me carve into it.  I decided that for the test piece I'd go with a few cobbles hidden by a good thick layer of mud/dirt.


Painting was very simple.  The visible paved area is Dark Grey then dry brushed down, final drybrush was with a Khaki colour as it worked better.  The rest is a dark Brown with a Brown Ink wash and then various Browns to drybrush.  Could even add some water effects in a couple of places to make it look like standing water, pools etc.

So first test piece done and I learn't a few little things I need to do, like don't rush and use superglue for the sand.  Wait and use PVA like normal.

The main element now is to work out what pieces I want to start with and go from there.

I then need to make a few doors and maybe try to find/make things to represent piles of coins, chests or anything else I fancy.  Easy enough at 28mm, looks to be harder at 15mm.

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