Friday, 9 January 2015

Song of Blades and Heroes Campaign - Week 4

Yes its been well over a year since myself and Mike have played a game of SoBH.  Last year a lot of Infinity was played and that just mean't something else suffered.

Feeling that we fancied a change of pace again we decided to resurrect the campaign and in true wargamer style we knew what was going on.  Honest :/

So after a few reads of things and some refreshing of rules we were both ready to go.

I seem fated to be doing a lot of Assassination scenarios as yet again its what I rolled.  terrain wise we had some plains so we set up a small Village and decided that my force had to kill off an enemy raiding party.

Mike worked out his forces and along came a Big spider, 2 red caps and 3 Skratta.  It definitely meant I had to watch out for being mobbed.

Mikes amazing Skratta Minis
So my task Kill the Spider and make the rest run, easy right?  I have to say from the off I was more than a tad worried.

My best plan when playing is to keep everything with my boss and then start heading towards the enemy.  I know that both Ragnar (Leader) and Rollo (His Brother) will be fine once I get into combat.  Both have Group fighter and its stopped me being mobbed and killed so its a great ability.

I knew most of the action would happen around the farm houses and I wasn't wrong.  We milled about a bit until I managed to kill one of the Skratta with Erik and Olafur so strike one for the new guys.  Rollo rolled in and killed a Redcap whilst the spider at first retreated to a rooftop then joined the fight again.

With my two newer guys a good 2-3 turns away from being any use and my Two heroes and Leif surrounded by monsters I did fear the game was going to go the way it had before.  Then when I lost leif I was thinking oh dear.  But thankfully through some really bad quality rolls by Mike I managed to push a few guys back who did come back into combat.  then a Gruesome Kill on one of the Skratta saw Mikes force roll 3 failures on the Quality check for everything but a hapless redcap who made it as far as the table edge before being forced off by Rollo.

So a resounding win for me.  During the Injury phase Leif made a full recovery and many comments about Man Flu and Waster are going round the camp fire.  Money phase bought me in 30 gold and during exploration I decided not to take a chance on the wandering caravan I encountered.

Expansion wise I had enough XP to up Leif's Combat value from 3 to 4.  My force is now worth 198pts and I didn't lose anyone.  Who could of guessed that.

Mike's Tip.  Always take a Leader, without one if you have low Quality troops it can mean your slow to move and when any morale checks are required its too late.

So next up was up Mike hoping to have as easy a game as me.  He rolled Forest for setting and hold the high ground.  As a hill in the middle of the table didn't sound right we set up part of an old shrine.

Points wise Mike had a lot less to play with than me even after adding a new member to his team.  So I had a 160 points to play with and went for 3 Saplings. Duly name Birch, Beech and Rowan.  the Tree Amigos (Yes I went there). 

As the terrain was a deep woodland it mean't that Mike's forces were going to be very slow making their objective as he'd only be able to make 1 move action per turn where as the saplings had Forester so I was going to ignore that.

Charging the saplings up I managed to get Birch within shooting range and lobbed something at one of Mikes guys knocking him over.  What puzzled us a little is what did a sapling throw?  We decided it was Acorns with squirrels attached ala Scrat.

Sadly for Mike he'd managed to get his Berserker into Combat with Beech and the first round was a stand off.  I then was able to bring in Rowan and there was a sickening crunch as he was smashed off his feet (He gained the scars injury from this later on).


It didn't get any better for Mike after this initial loss.  The Heavy Armour on the saplings kept them in combat and even when Mike managed to knock Birch down he lost the combat and got back up.  Rowan was on a one tree killing spree and put another one of Mikes troops out of action and a round later he was down to 2 models after Rowan again beat a man into the ground.

Mike decided that he didn't want to lose anymore and retreated.

In the afterphase one of his basic Minions were killed (Holmfar Kjahriksson).  His gold was a mere 15, Vaneir the Berzerker sort of benefited from his injury as the scars mean he now causes terror.

So another great campaign turn from us both and hopefully we won't wait so long before we get the next game in.

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