Sunday, 27 September 2015

Infinity Terrain

Quiet a while back I got in on the terrain deal on Kickstarter from +Jed Norton at Antenoceti. As you can see it was a huge Kickstarter and Jed really went of his way to give people a huge pile of options and I think for many it might have been too much.  They just got plain confused with all that was on offer and some of the comments were fun to read.

So when it all turned up I did have a bit of a Oh hell (well something like that) moment as it was a lot of stuff.  To be honest resin wise it was about 40-50% more than I was expecting.  So glad I bought an Airbrush recently as it was going to be a huge help with this.

So I got it all out went through what I thought it all was and then packed a huge pile of it away.  Right from the start my plan had been to build 1 Building at a time.  As it has a lot of Resin Inserts as well I wanted each piece painted as well and I knew it would add time to the project but I really wanted it to look great.

So oddly for me I've taken my time, the elements have been dry fitted several times and then I made sure everything internal Resin wise was painted before I started work on the external elements.

Things I learn't doing the first piece that I can learn from and carry forward are;

  • Not rushing is good.
  • Clean the paint off the tabs, its going to come off so do it with control.
  • Make sure the Doors/Windows fir before you put them together.  Filing once assembled is not fun!!!

Now the hab is complete I have to say it looks pretty amazing and I'm really looking forward to doing the rest and seeing it all completed.

You can see more pictures of it in progress here.


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  2. Hey Jez,
    I'm in Bath for a few days and was hoping to get a game in of something... I'd play just about anything. I play: 40k, BoltAction, Kings of War, Black Powder, Drop Zone Commander, Gaslands, Battletech etc. I'm familiar with DeBellis Antiquitatis, LADG, Infinity, Sigmar, DFC, and Malifaux. I'm in Bath today and tomorrow (Sunday / Monday). I'll buy the pints and Lunch or Dinner or both. Text me if you get this. Not sure I'm entering all this correctly:


    Good looking terrain BTW.
    Hope to see you,
    Mt Shasta, CA, USA