Thursday, 24 September 2015

Yes I'm Blogging Again

Blog wise as always I haven’t been very active and I tend to really find that I go in fits and starts with what I’m blogging about.  I should use it far more than I do and I know a lot of bloggers that say the same thing.

But I have been busy, it’s been about 18 months now since I joined Pigmar 
in Bath.  My original plan was to get more back into gaming with a bigger group and hopefully get some get up and go.

A lot of the players at Pigmar are long term 40k and Warhammer players so as that boat has sailed a long while back for me I started back playing Warmachine again.  Though as a game I have to say the power creep has killed my love of the game.  I kept mentioning Infinity but couldn’t really get anyone properly interested in it.

That was all to change the night we had an open demo evening, the idea being it was to show off games people didn’t play normally.  So I took along my Trusty Ariadna and did 3 demos that evening for 6 people.  In fact it was enjoyed so much I think I ran demo games for the following few weeks as people like what they saw and slowly the club built up getting more and more people into the game and playing a lot more often than before.

Thankfully at the start I had Mike (My Songs opponent) along and then people like +Lee Russ , +Darren Ivey+Adam Pattenden  started coming and because Infinity was being played weekly more people have shown an interest and our local Warcor +Peter Acs pops along every now and then to see how things are going and to join in.

One of the hardest things to get the game established after players was terrain.  40k pieces just don’t work for Infinity it’s far too open and just doesn’t block LoF.

So I got hold of a set of PDF plans from World Works terrain who I know very well from a big project we did with TheAncible a few years back and set to work.  I knew from the off the terrain would get battered but I also knew how it all looked was half the battle.  So If I could give a better gaming experience and make it more visually exciting it might attract more players.

Which to date it appears to be doing. 

Then the early part of this year I took on the Terrain post on the Committee and started adding to it, to start with its just been general stuff but the Infinity elements have expanded past the point where the original terrain isn't needed any more.  And then when the current Chairmen decided he'd had enough of us I stepped into the hot seat.

This lead me very quickly into the world of the GCN (The Gaming Club Network),  I remember them back when we used to do the club list for them in The Ancible.  But I didn't know that much, in typical me fashion I kept asking who did this, who ran my area, why ahd I never heard of him and so on.  Well I then find out no one and +christopher peachey pretty much says if you want the position its yours.  So I thought I can do that and took on and its kept on being like that, I'm now the GCN Media Manager and I help run the website, we promote clubs, get discounts from lots of companies for our members and we help them at events.  It's a one stop place of fun.

I was told that if your going to have a blog make it used for something, so that's my plan.  I'm in the middle of getting a set of rules sorted and here is as good as a place as any to show that off along with the other stuff I do.

So hopefully people will nudge me along.

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