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I wish I had a thousand wishes,
Or maybe a dream could come true.
I wish it only rained when I wanted
Then summer could last forever,
None of those cold days to keep us inside.

Destiny, they say, runs its own course,
Life is just a tapestry.
I've run through the woods,
I've stood on the shore,
But what is life all about?
Who can say where we are going,
To what ends are we searching?

Our purpose evades us all.
We hide all inside from those we love
We say words, never meant to be said.
Dreams we have, never shared
Loneliness we feel, kept inside.
Our only enemy is ourself.

Goodbye My Sweatheart
 if you want to use them, then please ask first.
Goodbye my love for I am leaving.
Goodbye my love for I'll soon be gone.
Far from your loving touch,
Far from your warm embrace.
But your memory will keep me safe,
Your words will keep me warm,
Your smile I'll miss forever.
Those lips never mine again to kiss.
I'll savour what I've had,
Those times that mean so much.
But words I wish were said
Will be held in oblivion like forgotten dreams.
Goodbye my love for I am leaving,
Goodbye my love for I'll soon be gone.
Distant from your love,
But I hope always in your dreams.

Hazy Days 
The days drift on and on.
But there must be an end.
I see her face in every crowd,
Hear her voice in every word
Images of snatched moments we had,
Drift like snowflakes through my heart.
I never knew why she left.
I guess she's never really gone.
But I know there's a hole in my heart,
Where she used to be.

Have you ever felt Hurt,
Felt the pain in your Heart
Every wondered why?
Why it had to be you
What did you do wrong
Ever felt loved
Felt it pick up your soul
Drag you through the day
Now you know why we have pain...

My Dog
He watches the children as they play,
As the ball goes from girl to boy,
He moans when they score.
He's yet to bite the postman,
I think it's just too much effort.

The cats go safely by,
My dog just smiles as if to say;
"Small and furry one just like me, lets play.''
He hates the rain it makes him wet.
He prefers to lay by the fire and dream

Why Does Love Hurt So Much?

I can't give you more than I have,
I can't love you more than I do.
Now you turn away when I need you the most,
But why do you do it ?
It's not that you don't love me,
It's not because of fear.

I give you all that I am,
I give you all of my soul.
So why turn away when I need you the most ?
Do you fear to show your love ?
Are you scared to say you care ?

I have given you all the love I have,
I have shared with you my fears,
So don't turn away when I need you the most.
I feel your heart so full of love for me,
I know you need my touch.
Maybe its the fear of it all,
Maybe thats why love hurts so much.

The Royal Dog

I watch my dog watching me watch him
He surveys the outside through my window
The world goes by and he just stares
Like some feudal lord surveying his kingdom
The children are his entertainers
The adults his subjects
Other dogs he must see as invaders from far off lands
When we are out he stops to look at everyone
Like he's the king on a royal walkabout
At dinner he waits and watches
As if he's inspecting a banquet
He likes to think he's important
He's just like a friend to me

You Do Something to Me
You do something to me
Somewhere deep inside,
The place where true love feels.
Somewhere the pain is held.
You do something to me,
Something I just can’t explain.
My Heart pulls you closer,
My soul wants you more.
You do something to me,
Somewhere the dreams are found.
I’m holding onto something,
Somewhere deep inside.


Fire Flies
From on High I watch the light’s below,
They shine like so many fireflies.
Their patterns push out to light the dark.
I wonder about the dreams
That those below are having,
Their lives unaware of my passing.

As I watch the land slip by
My thoughts reach upto heaven,
My mind wanders like the clouds.
But slowly I tire and fall into slumber,
My mind dreams like those below.
But onwards I always go

We Are Angels

When I was younger I believed in Angels
But now I’m older I’m not so sure
I thought they helped the weak
And protected the poor
Kept the occasional bad guy from our door
But we do that ourselves
We have those in uniforms of Blue
And buttons of silver
We give when we can
To help those not so well off
So even though I believed in Angels when I was small
Now I’m older I think there’s an Angel in us all

This is my first and to date only attempt at Haiku.


rain stops falling
sun fights through storm clouds
children play outside

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